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AE Global Debuts EZ-Lock X ORG, a Certified Plastic Negative Cannabis Packaging Solution

Apr 27, 2023


Miami, FL--AE Global, a prominent CPG Packaging resource, has announced the launch of EZ-Lock X ORG, a groundbreaking packaging solution developed in partnership with Ocean Recovery Group. This innovative packaging is certified as "plastic negative" by rePurpose Global and addresses the growing demand for scalable, customizable, domestically assembled cannabis packaging with a quantifiable environmental impact.

[Image via AE Global]

AEG has significantly invested in ORG's recycling facility in the Dominican Republic to establish a comprehensive, closed-loop infrastructure to tackle plastic pollution. Ocean-bound plastic is collected and processed at the Dominican Republic facility, where it is sorted, cleaned, and turned into flakes. These flakes are then used in the injection molding process to create AE Global's EZ Lock x ORG child-resistant cannabis packaging.

AEG's Managing Partner, Mike Forenza, emphasized its dedication to sustainable packaging through its closed-loop OBP recovery program, which captures and repurposes at-risk materials before they can harm the environment.

According to AE Global, for each EZ-Lock x ORG tray purchased, approximately 35 grams of plastic are recovered—twice the amount used to produce each tray—earning it rePurpose Global's Plastic Negative certification. AEG also provides a robust reporting system for customers to track, report, and communicate their environmental impact. So far, AEG has funded the recovery of 80,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastic through this initiative, while ORG has recovered 2,148 tons.

Forenza acknowledges the challenges cannabis companies face in balancing profitability with environmental responsibility and asserts that the in-house recycling platform allows for affordable, functional packaging without compromising on shelf appeal.

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