Cultivation Equipment and Tools

CBD Cultivation Equipment

CBD cultivation equipment includes any equipment that’s used in the planting, growing, or harvesting of the hemp plant. The exact equipment used by a CBD cultivator will vary depending on the scale and nature of the cultivation operation. For example, a large, commercial operation will use different equipment than a small, organic-certified operation.

However, in all cases, the CBD cultivation equipment used must adequately plant the seeds in their growing medium, care for the plants until they reach maturity, and harvest the plants without extensive damage to the crop.

Production Equipment

CBD production equipment is responsible for transforming a harvested hemp crop into a purified and usable CBD product. CBD cultivators use production equipment like CO2 extractors, distillers, and isolators to extract and isolate CBD from the hemp plant. A variety of chemicals are used but, once again, the specific ones employed will depend on the processes chosen by the cultivator.