Extraction Equipment and Tools

CBD Extraction Equipment

CBD extraction equipment is used to facilitate the extraction of cannabidiol from hemp plant material. After your crop has been cultivated and milled into a dry, coarse powder, the plant matter is subjected to one or more of a variety of chemical and physical processes designed to extract CBD from the plant.

CBD extraction machines will look different, depending on the type of process you use. For example, for the less common thermal extraction method, a physical agitator will be paired with a variety of filters to process the hemp powder with solid carbon dioxide (dry ice). On the other hand, those who use a CO2 extraction process will require a CBD oil extraction machine that is capable of handling pressurized, refrigerated and liquified carbon dioxide as it acts as a solvent.

Types of Extraction Machines

A variety of CBD extraction machines exist. You may wish to consider the use of a CBD extraction “booth,” or C1D1 machine. These are self-contained, all-in-one extraction units that come prefabbed and can be installed in your CBD processing facility. Other CBD extraction equipment comes optimized at different scales, from large-volume, industrial processing units to smaller equipment for niche producers.

Extraction Calculator

It can be difficult to calculate exactly how much CBD you will be able to extract from a set amount of hemp. There are a ton of CBD extraction calculators out there but the numbers you get from them are mere estimates. The real amount of CBD you can extract from milled hemp truly depends on the nature and quality of the strain of plant you’re using.