Cultivation Equipment and Tools

Hemp Cultivation Equipment

Hemp cultivation equipment looks a lot like the equipment required to cultivate other sorts of plants. You’ll need equipment to help you plant, nurture, grow, harvest, and process your product. Each stage of the process requires different equipment, from hemp plant pots for the planting and growing stages to hemp cultivation machinery for the harvesting and processing stages.

Hemp grow equipment comes in all shapes and sizes and the specific equipment you need will depend on the nature and scope of your hemp operation. Do you have a large-scale, commercial CBD operation? Then you’ll need large-scale harvesting and processing equipment. Is it just a few plants in your apartment? Then you can probably do with just a few hemp plant pots and soil.

What Equipment Do You Need to Grow and Harvest Hemp

As we discussed in the previous section, what equipment is needed to grow hemp will depend on the nature and scale of your hemp grow. Factory grows will take factory-scale equipment, while small, hobby grows will require much less extensive machinery.

The same goes for harvesting. What equipment is needed to harvest hemp depends on how much of it you have and how it’s grown. Some large-scale grows use tractors and mechanized harvesters to collect the hemp after it’s grown. Other hemp grow equipment is more suited to hobby grows.

Cultivation Machinery

Hemp cultivation machinery looks just like any other cultivation machinery. In other words, while the hemp plant is quite special, the machinery used to collect and process it is not. You’ll typically see equipment used to cut down the plants and strip off the hemp flowers. Depending on the nature of the enterprise, you might see processing equipment designed to collect hemp fibers or process the buds for cannabidiol.