Extraction Supplies

Cannabis Extraction Preparation

The days of soaking low-quality plant material with hydrocarbons and ethanol to extract residual cannabinoids are long gone. Increasingly, those who make a living extracting CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids from marijuana are spending more time and effort ensuring that the input materials are properly prepared and treated. This helps ensure a consistent and high-level quality of output.

Proper cannabis harvesting, curing, and drying methods are critical to ensuring a high-end extraction product. They also prevent molds and make it less likely that plant material will lose terpenes or potency - which no extraction method can make up for.

Cannabis Extraction Supplies

Depending on the cannabis extraction method you choose to use, cannabis extraction supplies will necessarily include sufficient amounts of hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, ethanol, or water. You may also need extraction equipment that complies with C1D1 safety regulations and ASME certifications.

Because there exists a wide variety of methods and techniques for extracting cannabis, your laboratory may also have to contain closed-loop extractors, post-processing equipment, or distillation setups. As much as in any other sophisticated chemical industry, the cannabis extraction supplies you rely on will depend heavily on the scale, nature, cost, and goals of your operation.