Cannabis Packaging Industry

Globally, the worldwide value of the cannabis packaging industry is estimated to be around 13 billion dollars. The sector includes all sorts of companies, from small, nice packagers serving a handful of clients in their own geographical region to large-scale packagers serving hundreds or thousands of cannabis producers.

The industry can be segmented according to type of packaging - rigid or flexible - as well as according to the targeted cannabis market - recreational or medical.

Thanks to legalization and decriminalization trends, North America is the dominant market for cannabis packaging vendors in 2022.

Packaging Machines

Cannabis packaging machines come in a huge variety of types and sizes. Effectively, they’re as varied as the wide range of products they’re designed to package. So, whether you’re looking to package your cannabis gummies, cookies, or chocolates, create pre-roll cartons, or bag up cannabis flower for wholesale, you’ll likely be able to find a machine that can do the job.

Packaging Vendors

Just as cannabis packaging machines come in myriad shapes and types, there are innumerable cannabis packaging vendors that can serve your company’s needs. From a well-established and experienced packaging solutions provider like WeighPack, to companies with a focus on reducing their environmental impact through the use of sustainable technologies, like Sana Packaging, cannabis packaging vendors serve several different markets and company types.