Extraction Supplies

CBD Extraction Supplies

CBD extraction supplies differ depending on the type of CBD extraction technologies employed by your company. For example, those who use a CO2 extraction method will need equipment capable of cooling, storing, and deploying extremely cold, liquid CO2 at high temperatures. While those who use an ethanol extraction technique will need only equipment capable of storing ethanol at room temperature.

CBD extraction supplies might include: pressurized, liquid carbon dioxide, ethanol, various hydrocarbons (butane, hexane, propane, etc.), solid carbon dioxide (dry ice), refrigerants and refrigerating containers, high-pressure containers, and more.

Extraction Booths

CBD extraction booths, also known as C1D1 extraction booths, are fully contained CBD extraction facilities designed to extract CBD from hemp material safely and efficiently. You can think of them as all-in-one CBD extraction containers. They are available from a variety of vendors and can help CBD cultivators avoid the need to create CBD extraction capability from scratch. They also simplify compliance with a variety of CBD extraction safety and health regulations, as they’re typically compliant “off the shelf.”