Consumer Products

CBD Products

CBD products come in all shapes, sizes, flavors, and forms. You can get CBD-infused skin lotion, CBD gummies and edibles to promote relaxation and anxiety-reduction, and even CBD-containing soap. Many THC-containing products also contain large amounts of CBD, and it’s not unusual for people who smoke, vape, or eat cannabis products to seek out an amount of CBD to “balance” the THC in intoxicating products.

THC-Free Products

CBD products that are THC-free are all the rage. You can get them online, in a wide variety of stores and chains, and from cannabis dispensaries that also sell THC-containing products. CBD infused products claim to promote health in a variety of ways, from CBD products that help with weight loss to those that claim to help with anxiety, depression and other mental health symptoms.

It should be noted that these claims have not typically been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, with one exception. A drug called Epidiolex has been approved by the FDA to reduce the frequency and severity of epilepsy-induced seizure activity in patients in the United States.

That said, many people swear by CBD products to help them relieve a wide variety of ailments and symptoms.

CBD Infused Products

Many foods and drinks have been infused with CBD to obtain its purported health benefits. Additionally, beauty products and cosmetics are frequently CBD-infused. For example, many lotions, washes, and makeup products now qualify as cbd infused products.