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Hemp flour is a delicious and practical flour used by thousands of people around the world to add a healthy and flavorful kick to their favorite baked goods. It’s totally gluten-free and can be safely consumed by those who have celiac disease. It offers tons of fiber and a healthy serving of omega fatty acids. It’s made from raw hemp seeds after the oil has been extracted.

Hemp flour doesn’t rise on its own (it’s gluten-free, remember?) so you’ll need to add supplementary ingredients if you need your dough to rise. It brings a nutty and rich flavor when it’s combined into your next dish.


Hemp flour bread makes an excellent paleo dish when combined with almond meal. It’s nutrient-dense, gluten-free, and carb-free. Because of those things, you can’t bake bread with it just on its own (it’s far too dense for that). But when you combine it with other flours or meals you can make wonderful loaves and buns that won’t send your glycemic index sky high.


Hemp flour tortillas are fantastic. The fact that hemp flour doesn’t rise isn’t a problem for these amazing flatbreads and their gluten- and carb-free nature ensure that you can have as many hemp tortillas as you want. Also, because hemp flour gives you an extra kick of fiber, hemp flour tortillas will keep you full for a much longer time than traditional corn or wheat flour tortillas.