CBD Packaging

CBD packaging, like THC or tobacco packaging, is a regulated endeavor. CPD packaging companies should be aware of federal, state, and municipal regulations and legislation that govern what can - and cannot - be printed on the outside of CBD packaging. CBD product packaging companies should also be aware of what materials may be used in the creation of packaging, whether they need to be child-proof or tamper-resistant, and other considerations.

Packaging Companies

CBD packaging companies can typically provide packaging for CBD products in a huge variety of types and sizes that simultaneously comply with federal and state regulations and legislation. Everything from bulk CBD boxes to decorative CBD gift bags are available, so there’s no reason your CBD packaging supplies search should be fruitless.

Packaging Supplies and Equipment

CBD packaging equipment comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. What they’ll use to package your CBD really depends on the kind of packaging you want. And the equipment doesn’t differ much from other forms of consumables that require packaging. You’ll find boxmakers, bagmakers, labellers, and other common, industrial equipment populating the floor at any CBD packaging concern.