CBD Advertising

States. They typically interact with consumers by way of the internet, radio, and print media, as broadcast television involves several federal regulations that make it legally difficult to promote CBD across state lines and in a way that may capture the attention of minors.

For that reason, CBD marketing companies tend to be experts in digital marketing, PPC vs CPC ads, social media marketing, and more.

CBD Marketing Agencies

CBD marketing companies face unique challenges. Not only is the product they market closely related to THC, a federally illegal, Schedule I, controlled drug, but its use for medicinal and recreational purposes hasn’t been fully evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and other federal regulatory bodies. CBD marketing agencies, whether they’re engaged in CBD digital marketing, CBD SEO marketing, or advertising CBD on social media, must walk a fine line between promoting their products and adhering to federal and state-level regulations around the product itself, as well as truth in advertising laws.

Advertising CBD on Social Media

Advertising CBD on social media is tough, but possible. CBD’s close association with THC, a known intoxicant, can cause issues with social media platforms (like Facebook) that don’t allow intoxicating substances to be advertised on the platform. That said, CBD isn’t usually considered an intoxicating product and isn’t outright prohibited in the United States.

Whether CBD can be promoted on a specific platform - and what forms that promotion is allowed to take - depend on the platform’s rules. CBD advertisers should keep a close eye on the Terms of Service of the platform they intend to use. Reaching out to a representative of the company before running an ad is also always a good idea.