Cultivation Supplies

CBD Production Supplies

CBD production supplies fall into a variety of categories. There is also a wide range of products and equipment used by cultivators depending on what sort of operation they’re running. A large-scale commercial producer will have different needs than a smaller, mom-and-pop cultivation operation.

CBD production supplies can include: planting and harvesting equipment (much like you would see with any other crop), millers to process the bulk plant material into a dried, coarse powder, CBD extraction equipment (including CO2 and ethanol extractors) used to remove and isolate the CBD chemical from the plant material, and distillation and isolation equipment (which further purifies the CBD and removes any trace of THC).

CBD Facilities

CBD production facilities are effectively built-to-order. By this we mean that no two are exactly the same, as a facility’s capabilities are tuned to the needs of the market being served by the CBD cultivator. That said, a CBD production facility typically includes all of the equipment mentioned above.

Some of these facilities can be positively massive, including this proposed 100,000 square foot facility to be built in southern Indiana. Others are much smaller, depending on what customers they serve and how much output they require.