Extraction Equipment and Tools

Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Cannabis extraction equipment varies in size from that appropriate for a small, boutique lab to the large, industrial setups used by national companies. You’ll want to consider whether you need the cannabis alcohol extraction machines used in ethanol extraction methods or the cannabis oil extraction equipment frequently used by those who rely on hydrocarbon extraction methods.

Types of Extraction

Typically, cannabis extraction strategies include a variety of either hydrocarbons, ethanol, or carbon dioxide to extract the terpenes, cannabinoids, and THC from plant material. The specific solvent you use, as well as the decision to go entirely solventless, depends on the nature of the market you serve, the equipment you can afford, the space you have available, and a number of other considerations.

Ethanol extraction equipment, for example, is a versatile method used for all sorts of cannabis and hemp extraction strategies. It’s often used by small-scale processors and allows for the re-use and re-processing of the ethanol solvent.

Hydrocarbon extraction equipment frequently utilizes propane, butane, or hexene to extract the desired chemical compounds from cannabis plant material. It uses closed-loop technology in which the solvent is re-used.

Carbon dioxide extraction equipment is often used when producers are trying to maintain the original flavor profile of the originating plant. It’s more expensive than hydrocarbon extraction but also leaves no trace residue and is often considered to have a superior safety record.

Solventless extraction equipment relies on water, ice, and vigorous agitation to separate the trichomes from the cannabis plant biomass. The trichomes are then filtered from the water and ice, leaving you with a high-purity material.

Extraction Equipment Companies

There are myriad cannabis extraction equipment companies on the market today. Some, like Precision Extraction Solutions, cater to both small labs and large, industrial operations. Others choose to focus their product selection on either the small, mid-range, or large cannabis extraction markets exclusively. Companies like Prospiant deliver full-service cannabis ecosystem solutions that happen to include a full selection of cannabis extraction equipment for cannabis growers and producers in a range of markets.