CBD Infused Pet Products

Humans aren’t the only ones who can enjoy CBD. Dogs, cats, and other pets can also benefit from CBD infused pet products, like chew toys and dietary supplements!

As with CBD products for humans, CBD infused pet products are designed to promote health and wellness in canines, felines, and other domesticated animals.

A quick note: Many of the claims made by the manufacturers and makers of CBD infused products for dogs and cats have not been critically evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, the regulatory body in charge of overseeing products made for animal consumption. That doesn’t mean the claims are necessarily false, but it does mean you should use extra caution and think carefully about the support for those claims when making a purchasing decision.

CBD Oil Products for Dogs

CBD oil for dogs is exploding in popularity in the United States. The makers of these products frequently claim that these products can reduce anxiety and aggressive behaviors in dogs or result in other therapeutic benefits. And while these claims have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA, many consumers swear by products like these.

CBD oil for dogs is also sometimes given as a dietary supplement to aid in digestion, nutrition, and overall gut health.