Cultivation Supplies

Hemp Cultivation Supplies

Hemp cultivation supplies run the gamut from hemp plant hangers to hemp grow bags, hemp grow pads, and hemp grow cubes. Exactly what equipment you use will depend on the sort of operation you wish to run. Large-scale, commercial hemp grow operations will obviously require very different sets of equipment than an apartment dweller who just wants a few decorative plants.

Plant Hangers

Hemp plant hangers are exactly what they sound like. They’re supports that hang from the ceiling or other fixture and hold a container for plants to grow in. Imagine a clothing hanger holding a plant, instead of a shirt, for example. Hemp hanging plant holders are often used in places where floor space is at a premium and the grower wishes to conserve room.

Just to be clear, we’re talking about plant hangers made from hemp. Not plant hangers made to hang hemp. Hemp is used for these plant hangers because it’s so tough and sturdy.

Grow Bags and Pads

Hemp grow bags are large bags filled with soil that facilitate the growing of hemp. They often include a support that runs up the middle of the bag and provides a framework for the hemp to grow straight and evenly.

Hemp grow pads, on the other hand, are actually made of hemp. And while you can grow hemp with them, they’re frequently used to grow other sorts of plants - especially microgreens - as well. These are fibrous pads combined with soil that create a strong structure for roots and soil to intermingle.