Extraction Services

CBD Extraction Services

Regardless of which CBD extraction process you use, you can likely contract it out and hire a CBD extraction service to perform it for you. The rise of the cannabis economy means that hundreds of firms across the country can perform CO2 CBD extraction, ethanol CBD extraction, thermal extraction, and more.

Who you use is up to you, but you should certainly look for someone who has the relevant industry certifications (look for ISO certifications in quality management and laboratory management, among others), safety credentials, and can provide the necessary shipping and logistics services to receive the milled hemp plant and send the finished product.

How to Build a CBD Extraction Company

Starting a CBD extraction company is far from easy. Aside from the usual challenges of raising capital, creating and executing a business plan, and everything else associated with running a successful enterprise, you need to be cognizant of the maze of legislative and regulatory rules surrounding CBD and other cannabis-related firms. You’ll also need to become expert in the various methods of CBD extraction, but that almost goes without saying.