Hemp Advertising

Hemp advertising is a heavily regulated industry. Whether you’re advertising a recreational or medical cannabis dispensary, hemp-derived supplements, cannabinoids - like cannabidiol (CBD), or anything else related to the cannabis plant, you likely face a whole slew of municipal, local, and federal legislative regulations and legislation.

You should be careful to comply with these rules, as failure to do so can result in fines, imprisonment, or both. Also for that reason, when you’re choosing a hemp marketing agency, you should do your best to pick an ad professional who is a seasoned veteran in this particular field. General purpose ad agencies don’t always have the compliance experience or knowledge to succeed in a hemp advertising campaign.

Hemp Marketing Agencies

Hemp marketing agencies typically do a lot of their advertising online. Federal and state-level marketing and advertising legislation sometimes prohibit the marketing of cannabis-related products over broadcast media. Similarly, many cable networks and streaming services won’t - as a matter of policy - host messages related to hemp marketing.

For that reason, PPC - or pay-per-click - digital advertising is popular for hemp marketing agencies. So are some forms of social media (although not all of them will carry hemp marketing) and, as we discuss next, affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Hemp affiliate marketing is a form of marketing in which a person - called the “affiliate” - who refers a successful sale to the selling company receives a cut of the proceeds. The affiliate can earn anywhere between a portion of 1% of the final sales price all the way to 90% (for some software-as-a-service) products. As hemp marketing typically deals with physical products, where referral fees are a bit lower, your cut will likely fall on the lower end of this spectrum.

That said, successful affiliate marketers, especially those with large audiences, can sometimes earn a great deal of money from these arrangements.