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Aphrodisiac-Infused Marijuana: New York’s Emerging Love Drug

May 24, 2023


New York, NY--As marijuana continues to be a hot commodity in New York, it is evolving from simply providing a relaxing effect to boosting romance by infusing aphrodisiacs into cannabis products.

[Image via New York Post]

According to state regulators studying the legal market and product development, these products could enhance romantic experiences and even performance on the sports field. “There’s a huge evolution in the cannabis market. It’s giving consumers better choices about the experiences they want,” stated John Kagia, policy director for the state Office of Cannabis Management, as per the report.

According to a New York Post report, the East Village-based Union Square Travel Agency offers "Love Beans for Arousal," dark chocolates combined with cannabis and five " “exotic herbs renowned for their love-enhancing properties" aiming to "increase sensuality." These are produced by 1906 and promise a "fast-acting onset within 20 minutes," as per the company's website.

The "Love" cannabis beans, pills, and gems cost $35. They are claimed to be the “first aphrodisiac that was designed to be equal opportunity and works consistently well on all genders.”

The report noted that Foria, a company that creates gels and lubricants infused with Cannabidiol or CBD, a compound found in marijuana, for women, claims its products support transformational life experiences using innovative, clean, and effective ingredients.

The report stated that a recent analysis by the Office of Cannabis Management of cannabis consumer purchases during the initial months of operation of a few weed dispensaries revealed that natural grass was the most popular, accounting for 50% of all sales.

While the legalized marijuana market in New York is budding, it has faced a sluggish and disorderly rollout. The report noted that more than 200 licenses have been issued, yet only ten dispensaries have opened, and city officials estimate that around 1,500 unauthorized stores are illegally selling weed. The recent state budget includes strengthened laws to enhance enforcement against illegal sales.

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