butter Cannabis April 2024 promotion

butter Cannabis Celebrates April with a Full Month of 4/20 Festivities

Apr 6, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • Michigan's cannabis retailer butter is extending 4/20 celebrations throughout April with free cannabis, giveaways, and new product launches.
  • Exclusive new products, including flower strains and a spreadable edible, will drop weekly until April 20th.
  • Purchases of prepackaged eighths allow customers to win discounts and prizes, such as butter ounces, gift cards, and apparel.
  • Spending thresholds at butter stores unlock more rewards, including a free eighth of flower or a Friendly Flower tote bag.
  • The celebration includes partnerships with other brands for additional deals at butter's Ann Arbor and Berkley locations.

Extending the Celebration

Michigan-based cannabis lifestyle brand butter is transforming the traditional single-day 4/20 celebration into a full-month event. This innovative approach aims to cater to dedicated cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers by offering a wide range of activities, promotions, and product launches designed to enhance the consumer experience and celebrate cannabis culture more inclusively.

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Innovative Product Launches

Throughout the month leading up to April 20th, butter will introduce exclusive new products to its retail offerings. These include a variety of new flower strains and a novel spreadable edible, expanding their already popular lineup of infused ghee and hazelnut spread.

Per a news release by butter Cannabis, these product drops are scheduled weekly, ensuring a fresh and engaging shopping experience throughout the month.

Engaging Promotions and Giveaways

In addition to new product launches, butter is setting up a series of promotions that provide tangible benefits to its customers. For instance, purchasing prepackaged eighths of butter flower or spreadable edibles automatically enters customers into a draw. The prizes range from butter ounces, gift cards, and free gummies to exclusive apparel and future purchase discounts.

Furthermore, butter is leveraging spending incentives to enhance customer rewards.

A $25 purchase at any butter retail store grants a free eighth of prepackaged butter flower, while a $100 spend rewards customers with a special Friendly Flower tote bag. These offers are valid through April 30th and underscore butter's commitment to rewarding its clientele.

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Collaborative Brand Partnerships

butter's 4/20 month celebration also includes collaborations with brands to offer specials on customer-favorite products. These partnerships, available at butter's Ann Arbor and Berkley retail locations, highlight the retailer's efforts to provide a diverse and comprehensive cannabis experience.

Why We Care

This initiative by Butter Cannabis taps into Michigan's status as a dynamic and rapidly growing cannabis market, which has experienced significant year-over-year sales growth, bucking national trends of stagnation or decline in other markets. With Michigan's cannabis sales topping $3 billion in 2023, it's clear that the state is setting new benchmarks for the legal cannabis industry nationwide, underscoring growing acceptance and integration of cannabis into mainstream society.

This growth is reflective of wider societal acceptance, with public opinion significantly shifting towards recognizing cannabis as a legitimate and beneficial part of society, bolstered by endorsements from medical professionals, celebrities, and public figures.

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Moreover, Michigan's market has proven highly competitive, with more than 2,100 active adult-use licenses. Despite this competition, or perhaps because of it, consumer prices have become more favorable, and purchasing patterns have shifted significantly toward legal recreational markets.

butter's month-long 4/20 celebration is a strategic response to these trends. It aims to draw in consumers with a variety of innovative and high-quality products. This strategy not only capitalizes on the state's growing market but also contributes to the normalization and accessibility of cannabis. 

[Image via butter Cannabis]