Cheech and Chong cannabis in Arizona

Cheech & Chong’s Cannabis Co. Expands Distribution in Arizona with OZ Cannabis and JARS Partnership

May 13, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • Cheech & Chong's Cannabis Co. partners with OZ Cannabis and JARS Cannabis for statewide product distribution in Arizona.
  • The partnership emphasizes affordability and widespread access to high-quality cannabis.
  • The expansion aims to strengthen the brand’s connection with the Arizona community.

Enhanced Distribution Through Collaborative Efforts

Cheech & Chong's Cannabis Co. announced in a news release that it has teamed up with OZ Cannabis and JARS Cannabis to ensure statewide availability of its cannabis products.

According to the release, this partnership focuses on providing accessible, high-quality, and affordable cannabis to both urban and rural areas in Arizona.

The initiative is described as a homecoming for the duo, acknowledging their historical ties with the Arizona community.

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Statements from the Partners

"Arizona has always been close to our hearts," said Cheech Marin in the release while reflecting on the partnership. "Arizona has always been close to our hearts. We're returning not only with our products but also reconnecting with a community that values great cannabis."

"Our collaboration with Cheech and Chong's Cannabis Co. is about bringing exceptional quality to the Arizona market at prices that make sense for the community," Camille Bussiere, General Manager for OZ Cannabis, noted the commitment to quality and community-focused pricing. "We're excited to bring the market top-shelf flower, pre-rolls, and a selection of infused products at consistent and affordable prices."

"At JARS, we believe in making cannabis accessible to everyone in Arizona," highlighted Ronnie Kassab, CEO of JARS Cannabis Arizona. "Offering Cheech & Chong products in our dispensaries means we're providing a trusted, beloved brand to every community we serve, no matter where they are in the state."

Impact on Arizona’s Cannabis Market

Accessible High-Quality Products

Per the release, this collaboration aims to reshape the distribution of quality cannabis in Arizona by providing top-shelf flowers, pre-rolls, and infused products at affordable prices to meet diverse consumer needs.

About OZ Cannabis and JARS Cannabis

OZ Cannabis is a multi-state cultivator and operator advancing in Arizona. JARS Cannabis operates 37 recreational and medical storefronts in Arizona, Colorado, and Michigan, focusing on inclusivity in the cannabis industry.

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Why We Care

The expansion of Cheech & Chong's Cannabis Company in Arizona aligns with the state's growing cannabis market, projected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.3% from 2023 to 2030. This growth is propelled by increased legalization support and the rising demand for effective pain management.

Despite a 13.5% decrease in year-over-year sales, Arizona maintains significant transaction volumes, indicating a solid consumer base. The partnership between Cheech & Chong, OZ Cannabis, and JARS Cannabis enhances distribution across Arizona, tapping into urban and rural markets.

The reintroduction of Cheech & Chong’s products also carries cultural significance, reinforcing the normalization of cannabis in mainstream culture. This venture shows businesses can thrive in a regulated market by combining cultural resonance with strategic expansion and legal compliance.