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Delic Holdings Corp. Plans to Acquire Ketamine Wellness Centers to Offer Nationwide Online Ketamine Treatments

Apr 10, 2023


Tulsa, OK--Peter/PetraMD, the largest online provider of hormone therapy for men and women in the United States, has announced its intention to acquire Ketamine Wellness Centers, the country's largest ketamine infusion therapy provider.

[Image via  Microdose NewsDesk]

The acquisition would allow Peter/PetraMD to enter the ketamine space, leveraging Ketamine Wellness Centers' expertise and over 20 years of experience in providing therapy to nearly 100,000 patients nationwide.

If the acquisition proceeds, Peter/PetraMD plans to maintain continuity of care for current Ketamine Wellness Centers patients while expanding its national presence using the expertise provided by the centers' leadership.

Dr. Bryan Henry, a former combat veteran and successful ketamine patient, as well as the founder of Peter/PetraMD, sees this as an opportunity to extend ketamine treatment access to the veteran community and the general population, according to a report.

The acquisition will cost Peter/PetraMD US$1.15 million, paid in tranches over twelve months, in addition to the assumed existing debt.

The purchase is subject to a due diligence period, negotiation of a definitive agreement, and a non-refundable US$100,000 deposit.

Cutter Streeby, Chief Growth Officer, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating that it aligns with the company's mission to provide affordable and equitable access to healthcare across the nation.

Read more in the report.