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eBottles Strengthens Market Position with Acquisition of Greenlane Packaging

Mar 21, 2023


Jupiter, FL--eBottles, a supplier of rigid, child-resistant packaging for the legal cannabis industry, is proud to announce the acquisition of the concentrate packaging line of products from Greenlane Holdings (GNLN). This move cements eBottles' position as a market leader and broadens its product range.

Robert Lerman, Founder, and CEO of eBottles, expressed excitement about the acquisition, which includes the popular Pollen Gear 'LoPro' and Kush 'Ecliptic' concentrate jars and closures.

In a news release, he said he was delighted to continue providing the excellent packages that Pollen Gear and Kush Supply have developed and offer these products alongside their patented concentrate jars. With the addition of these new products, eBottles now boasts the most extensive line of concentrate packaging solutions available for customers.

eBottles will stock jars in clear, opal, and black glass and decorated versions such as black with silver inside, black with gray inside, and matte white. Flat and rounded top closures will be available in white and black with foil or PTFE liners.

Qualified buyers can benefit from custom logo embossed or debossed closures at no cost. Closure decorating options include metalizing, water transfer printing, screen printing, hot stamping, and new multi-color digital printing with 3D capabilities.

Learn more in this news release.