High Tide new program

High Tide Launches Exclusive Paid Membership Program: ‘Cabana Elite’

Nov 29, 2022


Calgary, AB--High Tide Inc. announced in a news release the launch of Cabana Elite ("ELITE"), an optional paid membership upgrade for Cabana Club members.

[Image via High Tide Inc.]

Customers can sign up for ELITE in-store and online at www.cannacabana.com. The Company expects that ELITE will extend the Cabana Club membership program, attract new customers and instill even greater customer loyalty. The Company anticipates that further discounts, benefits and promotions will be regularly added to ELITE. 

"By leveraging the strengths of our diversified cannabis ecosystem, we are providing additional value to ELITE members by offering discounts on High Tide's global online consumption accessories platforms," said Raj Grover, President and Chief Executive Officer of High Tide, in the news release. "We see this as a big step towards building our loyalty program into a global cannabis community as we continue to convert price-conscious consumers from the illicit market into our legal cannabis ecosystem."

Learn more about this membership program in this release.