Former Fulton Bank

Historic Hagerstown Bank to Open Doors as a New Hemp and CBD Retailer

Nov 2, 2023


Key Takeaways

  • Shane Dyer of Dyerfire is converting the former Fulton Bank in Hagerstown into a hemp retail store.
  • Renovations will prioritize customer convenience, including a drive-thru service.
  • The store will sell hemp products, including oils, salves, and waxes, adhering to legal THC limits.

Hagerstown, MD--A notable building in Hagerstown, the former Fulton Bank, is being renovated to emerge as a hemp and CBD retail store.

[Image via Herald-Mail Media]

According to a Herald-Mail Media report, local hemp farmer Shane Dyer aims to offer a convenient shopping experience, repurposing the bank's drive-thru and teller counters into innovative product display and service areas.

From Personal Relief to Public Service

Dyer's venture into the hemp retail market began after personal success in using CBD for pain management.

The report noted that this experience led him to establish Dyerfire, starting with an online presence and now expanding into a physical retail space.

His commitment is to provide similar relief to others who suffer from everyday pain through a range of hemp-derived products.

A Vision for Growth

While the initial focus is on offering products for pain relief with minimal THC content, Dyer has ambitions to grow his enterprise into a complete medical and recreational dispensary.

His efforts mark a significant step in bringing alternative wellness options to the Hagerstown community and beyond. For the owners, there might be enough to cater to, for more people are becoming aware of the potential medical benefits of cannabis, CBD, and hemp.

What We Think

This innovative transformation of a former bank into a hemp and CBD retail store illustrates a growing trend in reimagining community spaces to meet emerging health and wellness needs — something that could inspire several other projects and businesses in the times to come. 

Shane Dyer’s Dyerfire is a pioneer in the area, promising to provide the Hagerstown community with quality products to enhance daily well-being and signaling a potential future expansion in the cannabis industry.