Humboldt Seed Company’s OG Kush diploid and triploid

Humboldt Seed Company Unveils New High-Potency Triploid Cannabis Seeds

Jan 31, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • Humboldt Seed Company releases high-THC triploid cannabis seeds, promising increased potency and yields.
  • OG Kush Triploid and Donutz Triploid exhibit enhanced characteristics like larger buds and higher trichome density.
  • Triploid seeds, a non-GMO innovation, offer benefits like higher THC levels, increased yields, and reduced flowering time.
  • The launch positions Humboldt Seed Company as a leader in the global cannabis genetics market.

New Seed Technology

Humboldt Seed Company announced the launch of its first high-THC triploid cannabis seeds, the OG Kush Triploid and Donutz Triploid.

Founder and CEO Nathaniel Pennington showcased these at the California phenotype hunt in September 2023, emphasizing the potential of triploid seeds to revolutionize the cannabis industry.

A detailed comparison of OG Kush diploid and triploid strains, captured by photographers Erik Christiansen and Chris Romaine, vividly illustrates the superior traits of triploids, including larger flowers, bigger calyxes, and a denser coverage of trichomes, promising higher potency and greater yields, particularly beneficial for extraction-based cannabis businesses.

Benjamin Lind, Co-founder, and Chief Science Officer emphasized in a news release the dedication and extensive research that went into developing these robust, high-THC triploid seeds. The discovery of a naturally occurring triploid during a phenotype hunt marked the beginning of this journey.

Following rigorous field trials and collaboration with molecular biologist Richard Philbrook from Dark Heart Labs, Humboldt Seed Company is ready to offer these stable, potent seeds.

Enhanced Growing Experience and Environmental Benefits

Introducing these strains is a win for potency and aesthetics and represents a significant step towards sustainable and efficient cultivation practices.

Per the release, Triploid cannabis seeds, with their unique genetic makeup of three chromosome copies, are 99% seedless, reducing the risk of crop loss due to pollination. These seeds are not genetically modified, maintaining the natural integrity of the plant.

Notable cannabis horticulture expert Ed Rosenthal lauded the triploid strains for their vigor, larger buds, and increased trichome density after observing them at the Humboldt Seed Company's 2023 phenotype hunt.

The benefits of cultivating triploid cannabis are manifold. Growers can expect a 3-5% increase in THC content, 10-20% more flower yields, and a 10-15% boost in fresh frozen live rosin yield. Moreover, these plants mature faster by 5-10 days and require fewer resources, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint and a more environmentally friendly cultivation cycle.

Global Impact and Market Position

Humboldt Seed Company's release of triploid seeds is a milestone and a significant development in the cannabis industry worldwide.

These seeds are now available across the U.S., with a triploid clone release scheduled for this spring in Europe. Established in 2001, Humboldt Seed Company has been a cornerstone of the cannabis community, providing top-quality genetics to cultivators globally.

Their commitment to combining traditional breeding techniques with modern science has earned them a reputation as a leader in the industry, dedicated to environmental and social justice.

[Image by Humbolt Seed Company via PR Newswire]