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Jones Soda and Mary Jones Release Hatch Chile and Lime Flavor Across Cannabis and Mainline Brands

Jul 28, 2023


Seattle, WA--Jones Soda Co. announced in a news release the launch of its first crossover special edition flavor, a Hatch Chile and Lime soda. 

The flavor is set to be available from both Jones Soda and its cannabis brand Mary Jones, marking the company's first dual special flavor release.

Making waves in mainstream and cannabis markets

Jones Soda was the first mainstream non-alcohol consumer brand to foray into the cannabis market with Mary Jones in 2022. 

"We're blazing the trail again with jointly releasing a special edition flavor across both markets with our new Hatch Chile and Lime sodas," stated Bohb Blair, president of emerging brands at Jones, as per the news release.

The Mary Jones cannabis product portfolio, was first launched in California, featuring multiple formats of four popular Jones Soda flavors. 

The brand has since announced plans to expand into Michigan, Washington, and Nevada, with more markets to be revealed. 

The Mary Jones range includes 10mg single serving and 100mg multi-serving formats, available all summer at California dispensaries.

At the time of a new appointment

David Knight, recently appointed CEO of Jones Soda, shared that cannabis consumers and dispensaries in legal states nationwide have been expressing interest in Mary Jones products. "Our new Hatch Chile and Lime is just the start of the incredible flavors we'll be bringing to the THC community," Knight stated.

Knight brings over 37 years of global marketing, sales, and corporate communications experience from top food and beverage companies. His successful record of developing dynamic and youthful brands is anticipated to drive Jones Soda's continued growth and diversification in product offerings. 

In a report from June announcing the appointment, the new CEO expressed his hope for the future. 

“As a leading craft soda manufacturer with a growing line of cannabis products, I am excited about the opportunity to lead Jones, and I’m looking forward to working with the Company’s dedicated employees to continue to build value for the Company’s shareholders," he said, as per the news release. "I believe Jones is well-positioned for continued growth, and I look forward to building on the momentum that Mark has started,."

Continued Growth in the Cannabis Beverage Market

Jones Soda's latest endeavor comes at a time when the global cannabis beverage market is projected to grow from USD 915.06 million in 2021 to USD 19,063.58 million in 2028, at a CAGR of 54.31% during 2021-2028, according to market reports

As cannabis gains mass consumer appeal globally, its legalization and awareness of its medicinal benefits propel the market's performance. Moreover, the increasing consumer inclination towards new and innovative food and beverages has also bolstered the market.

With the launch of the Hatch Chile and Lime flavor, Jones Soda and Mary Jones are poised to continue making strides in both the mainstream and cannabis markets, offering consumers an array of refreshing and unique flavors.