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Kaya Now Launches Revamped High There App, a Cannabis-Friendly Social Media Platform

Mar 21, 2023


Red Bank, N.J.--Kaya Now Inc., a media and technology holding company specializing in advertising solutions, announced the launch of an improved version of its High There app. The latest app offers a safe, moderated, digital cannabis-friendly community and enhances the user experience with industry-led content and new features.

The High There app introduces "Rooms," a live chat feature for quick connections and conversations; "Global Stories", where users share stories with followers through photos and videos; and "Discover," which customizes user feeds based on past preferences.

"We've come a long way from the app's original version, which focused on cannabis-friendly online dating," said Jamie Solis, Kaya's Chief Content Officer, in the news release. "Today, the High There app prioritizes content over connections, providing users with a customized app experience that curates educational media from trusted cannabis news sources and interactive content from leading creators."

Unlike mainstream social media apps, High There encourages cannabis content promotion and creation. The platform supports content aimed at improving the cannabis industry and amplifying the voices of the cannabis community. The app features content from trusted partners such as The Cannigma and heyemjay.com and nonprofits like the Last Prisoner Project.

Learn more in this release.