CBD Honey by LEEF organics

LEEF Organics Unveils Well-Kept CBD Infused Honey

Mar 23, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • LEEF Brands, Inc. has introduced Well-Kept CBD Infused Honey.
  • The company plans to use part of its Cuyama, CA ranch for bee farming, aiming to combat the decline in honeybee populations while offering a wellness product.
  • Micah Anderson, CEO of LEEF, highlighted the initiative's dual goals: diversifying revenue and supporting sustainability through bee farming.

A Holistic Approach to Business and Sustainability

LEEF Organics' latest venture into CBD-infused honey integrates bee farming into their operations at their 2,000-acre ranch. LEEF aims to create a haven for bees, which are crucial for a healthy ecosystem but are currently threatened by pesticides and GMO crops.

This initiative addresses declining honeybee populations and aligns with LEEF's ethos of promoting wellness through natural, sustainable products.

The launch of Well-Kept CBD Infused Honey is a step forward in offering consumers healthier alternatives to processed sugars.

"We look forward to further diversifying revenue streams and supporting sustainability efforts as we continue to build-out our 2,000 acre ranch," stated Micah Anderson, CEO LEEF Brands, in a news release. "One of the ideas we are excited about is producing our own local honey through a large bee farm and selling this infused honey through our wellness client base we have been growing since the inception of LEEF Wellness and Paleo Paw brands. 

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"By integrating bee farming into our operations, LEEF will create a safe haven for bees amidst widespread pesticide use and GMO crops."

Innovating for Health and the Planet

In the news release, Emily Heitman, CRO of LEEF Brands, said the product launch symbolizes a movement towards healthier lifestyle choices and environmental restoration.

It reflects LEEF's holistic approach to business, where innovation, environmental consciousness, and consumer well-being are intertwined.

Why We Care

LEEF Organics' Well-Kept CBD Infused Honey launch highlights a strategic pivot towards wellness and environmental sustainability. This initiative resonates with broader market trends where the demand for CBD-infused products is surging,

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Incorporating CBD into wellness products, including skincare, taps into consumer interest in natural, beneficial ingredients. CBD's anti-inflammatory properties are particularly sought after for their potential to soothe skin conditions and improve overall skin health​​.

LEEF's venture is noteworthy for its dual focus: introducing innovative wellness solutions and contributing to environmental conservation through sustainable practices like bee farming. This approach aligns with the rising consumer preference for brands that support ecological balance and positions LEEF as a forward-thinking player in the wellness and sustainability space.

[Image via LEEF Organics]