Bo Jackson and Massage Heights

Massage Heights Collaborates with Bo Jackson’s Promise Nutraceuticals to Introduce CBD-Infused Service

Oct 10, 2023


Key Takeaways

  • Massage Heights announces an exclusive collaboration with Promise Nutraceuticals, co-founded by sports icon Bo Jackson.
  • The partnership heralds the introduction of a CBD add-on service and the availability of "Promise Drops" Topical Relief CBD Oil at Massage Heights retreats across North America.
  • The initiative aligns with Bo Jackson’s endeavor to present natural pain relief alternatives and Massage Heights’ mission to uplift lives through holistic wellness offerings.
  • Adding CBD services is anticipated to amplify the benefits of custom massage services, providing targeted pain relief and promoting overall well-being.

San Antonio, TX--San Antonio-based spa franchise Massage Heights is leaping enhanced therapeutic offerings through a partnership with Promise Nutraceuticals, a venture co-founded by celebrated dual-sport star Vincent E. "Bo" Jackson. 

[Image via Massage Heights]

The collaboration paves the way for a CBD add-on service that promises to augment the benefits of tailored massage services, assisting in alleviating pain in specific body regions.

CBD: A Natural Respite

Promise Drops, a topical relief oil, is the cornerstone of this new service. 

According to a PR Newswire release, the formulation, enriched with a blend of broad-spectrum CBD extract, essential oils, herbal extracts, and soothing emollients, is backed by over three decades of scientific scrutiny. 

It aims to deliver both immediate and enduring relief. 

The topical application of CBD is known to synergize with the body’s endocannabinoid system, fostering natural pain relief and relaxation, making it a befitting addition to massage therapy.

Aligning Missions for Wellness

Massage Heights CEO Susan Boresow and Bo Jackson shared a parallel vision - alleviating pain and promoting wellness. 

Boresow expressed her enthusiasm over the partnership, stressing in the news release how Jackson's journey to pain relief through natural means resonates with Massage Heights' ethos of elevating lives. 

This collaboration is seen as a significant stride following a year of innovative service introductions by Massage Heights.

A Win-Win for All

Bo Jackson's narrative of discovering non-surgical, natural solutions for pain management led to the genesis of Promise Nutraceuticals. 

The brand stands on a rigorous quality, safety, and efficacy foundation, aligning seamlessly with Massage Heights' objective of promoting holistic wellness. 

This partnership is a boon for Massage Heights’ franchisees and a win for members and guests who are on a quest for personal wellness.

The Road Ahead

By integrating CBD with massage therapy, Massage Heights is set to offer its clientele a heightened level of relaxation and pain relief. 

This initiative reflects CBD's growing acceptance and incorporation into wellness regimens to combat chronic pain and anxiety. 

As Massage Heights continues to innovate in its service offerings, the partnership with Promise Nutraceuticals is a promising step towards fulfilling the brand’s mission of making wellness an accessible reality for all.

What Do We Think

The alliance between Massage Heights and Promise Nutraceuticals encapsulates a forward-thinking approach towards holistic wellness. 

By harnessing the therapeutic potential of CBD, coupled with Bo Jackson’s advocacy for natural pain relief solutions, Massage Heights is poised to provide a richer, more alleviating experience for its members and guests. 

This partnership embodies a progressive step in the wellness industry, mirroring a broader societal shift towards natural, holistic health solutions.