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Maui Grown Remedies to Distribute 10,000 CBD Products at Great Aloha Run Expo

Feb 16, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • Maui Grown Remedies Inc. is set to give away 10,000 bottles of CBD Transdermal Nanogel at the Hawaii Pacific Health Great Aloha Run Expo in Honolulu.
  • The product aims to provide pain relief and aid in recovery for athletes, boasting anti-inflammatory properties ideal for osteoarthritic and neuropathic symptoms.
  • The giveaway reflects the company's dedication to promoting health and wellness among athletes, highlighting the successful results from six months of consumer trials.
  • The CBD product is non-intoxicating, designed for easy application, and contains 50 doses per bottle, emphasizing user convenience and efficiency.

The Gift of Health and Recovery

Maui Grown Remedies Inc., a pioneer in the cannabis industry, has announced an initiative to support athlete health and recovery by giving away 10,000 bottles of their CBD Transdermal Nanogel at the upcoming Hawaii Pacific Health Great Aloha Run Sport, Health, and Fitness Expo.

This initiative represents the company's commitment to wellness and its products' efficacy in relieving physical stress and pain.

Advancing Athlete Wellness

The CBD Transdermal Nanogel developed by Maui Grown Remedies has been clinically approved and consumer-validated, offering rapid and sustained relief from pain through multiple mechanisms of action.

Melissa Fisher, the President of Maui Grown Remedies, shared the encouraging results of consumer trials over the past six months. The product's potent anti-inflammatory properties alleviate osteoarthritic and neuropathic symptoms and are ideal for athletes recovering from strenuous physical activity or injuries.

"We are excited to share the exceptional results reported in the consumer trials of our CBD Transdermal Nanogel we conducted over the past 6 months," said Fisher in a news release. "Along with alleviating osteoarthritic and neuropathic symptoms, its potent anti-inflammatory properties make it ideally suited for athletes recovering from strenuous physical activity or injuries."

Ensuring Accessibility and Convenience

The distribution of the CBD product is strategically planned to coincide with the registration packet pickup for the Great Aloha Run, facilitating easy access for the participants.

The product's non-intoxicating formula allows for direct application to sore joints and muscles, making it an essential recovery tool for athletes. Its convenient packaging, including a measured pump dispenser, ensures precise dosing and portability.

Supporting the Community

The giveaway event at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center Exhibition Hall signifies Maui Grown Remedies' broader mission to integrate innovative, science-backed phytotherapeutic products into the wellness routines of consumers nationwide.

This initiative also reflects the company's roots in Hawaii's cannabis industry, emphasizing its ongoing commitment to community health and the development of effective, natural remedies.

What We Think

Maui Grown Remedies' initiative to distribute 10,000 high-performance CBD products at the Great Aloha Run underscores a strategic move to blend health, wellness, and sports marketing.

By targeting registered adult participants of a prominent public event like the Hawaii Pacific Health Great Aloha Run, Maui Grown Remedies champions its product's therapeutic benefits, particularly for athletes, and leverages the occasion to elevate its brand visibility and consumer outreach.

This gesture of goodwill at a sport, health, and fitness expo aligns with the rising consumer interest in CBD for pain relief and recovery, reflecting a broader industry trend towards natural and alternative therapies.

Given the competitive landscape of the CBD market, Maui Grown Remedies' decision to utilize such a high-profile event for product distribution serves as a potent marketing strategy. It not only showcases its clinician-approved and independently tested CBD Transdermal Nanogel but also capitalizes on the growing acceptance and interest in CBD products among athletes and health-conscious consumers.

This approach could significantly enhance their market presence and consumer trust in a crowded marketplace.

[Image via Maui Grown Remedies Inc]