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Mesobis Launches First Line of Latin American Inspired Cannabis Gummies

Apr 15, 2022


Los Angeles, CA--Mesobis, an artisan cannabis and lifestyle brand inspired by the celebration of Latin American culture, announced in a press release the launch of its debut line of Latin-flavored cannabis gummies. According to a press release, Mesobis 'Gomitas' will roll out across California dispensaries with plans for expansion nationwide.

Born in LA with a Latin soul, Mesobis is on a mission to empower a new generation to embark on a journey to reconnect with their hybrid roots. The brand aims to translate defining moments from Latin American tradition into modern-day culture through curated collections of authentic products, experiences, and content. 

"Despite the exponential growth of the cannabis industry in recent years, a gap remains in authentic and culturally relevant brands that resonate with diverse consumers," said Nelson Cury, Co-founder and CEO of Mesobis, in the press release. "This is particularly true in California, where Latin Americans are the largest and fastest-growing population. The launch of Mesobis represents a collective dream to see a brand that is a true representation of us, by us. Through Mesobis, we hope to inspire the industry to celebrate Latin America's rich culture, and empower everyone to be proud of where they come from."

Mesobis was founded by Nelson Cury and Santiago Cervantes, who are lifelong friends and creative visionaries that possess a deeply rooted passion for their shared Latin American culture and hybrid roots. Mesobis Gomitas are a true celebration of Latin culture and are available in three defining flavors that draw inspiration from cultural classics: Mango con Chile, Tamarindo con Chamoy, and Acai. The Gomitas are uniquely formulated using advanced nanomolecular technology that ensures a fast-acting, even dosed experience every time. Each pack includes 10 bite-sized, pyramid-shaped Gomitas, infused with 10mg of THC per piece.

To bring the Gomitas to market, Mesobis partnered with top investors in innovation, entertainment and cannabis including Gron Ventures, The Activist Green Fund, Achari Ventures, and Gaingels. Additional brand advisors and equity holders include The Garden Society, and several other notable Latin American entrepreneurs and creatives.

At launch, Mesobis will also drop a line of uniquely designed streetwear. The apparel collection, which features hoodies, t-shirts, and more, combines the brand's love for Mesoamerican culture with modern-day style and will be available for purchase nationwide on

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