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Prodigy Processing Solutions Introduces ProX Extraction System

Aug 15, 2023


Miami, FL--Prodigy Processing Solutions has announced the launch of its ProX system, marking a significant advancement in cannabis and hemp extraction technology.

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Core Features of ProX

  • Construction: Made from 316L pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel, ProX prioritizes safety and is produced in the USA.

  • Cold Operation: The system operates between -100°F to -300°F, eliminating the need for winterization in the extraction process.

  • Versatility: Compatible with Prodigy's GC 10000 reciprocating gas compressor, the ProX can operate both passively and actively.

  • Efficiency: Capable of processing over 100 lbs of material per hour, the ProX aims to set a new benchmark in throughput.

  • User Interface: Designed for quick adaptation, minimizing operational downtime.

  • Integrated CRC: Incorporates chromatography to enhance extract purity.

  • Certifications: Approved for use in all 50 US states and compatible with Canadian CRN and EU standards.

"With the ProX, the Prodigy team has gone above and beyond traditional design paradigms," said Marc Beginin, CEO of Prodigy Processing Solutions, in the news release. "The ProX is a product that resonates with the needs and ambitions of the modern extraction professional. We are not just launching a new product but forging a new path for the entire cannabis industry with a game-changing innovation."

For further details on Prodigy and the ProX system, visit or contact 800-710-0815.

About Prodigy Processing Solutions

A leader in cannabis extraction equipment, Prodigy Processing Solutions offers engineering, customer support, operator training, and comprehensive extraction lab packages. The company aims to provide efficient solutions for the cannabis and hemp industries.