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Remedy Readies To Open Expanded Storefront

Apr 20, 2022


Baltimore, MD--Medicinal cannabis company Remedy announced in a press release that it will open its new expanded storefront on the globally recognized 4/20 at midnight across its Baltimore and Columbia locations.

With April 20 being the annual day of commemoration for cannabis, it is only fitting that the day also served as the official opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the organization's expansion into the Baltimore market, the brand announced in a press release. Remedy has lined up a suite of events to usher in both the holiday and the grand opening to embrace the plethora of cannabis health benefits to patients across the state.

Founded in 2014 by Mitch Trellis and lifelong friend and fellow Columbia, Maryland resident Blaize Connelly Duggan, Remedy prides itself on being a different take on a retail concept. It's a store within a store; a place where reputable cannabis brands are being given the opportunity to directly market their products to medical marijuana patients.

This storefront marks one of the many strategic steps in Remedy's long-term expansion plan. Alongside its Columbia flagship location, this brings Remedy's retail footprint to over 14,000 square feet in combined county and city populations that exceed well over 3 million people. When asked how he feels about the rapid expansion, co-founder Mitch Trellis said in the press release, "It brings us closer to our goal of providing the safest, most convenient access to medicine for the patients of Maryland."

Remedy fosters a culture and community that appreciates cannabis for its holistic benefits. Where other dispensaries may be clinical and transactional in their approach, Remedy remembers its humble beginnings and simple mandate of helping others in their wellness journey and the overall patient experience.

With this dogma in mind, they maintain high industry standards as it relates to the flower and the cultivators' practices while dispensing exceptional medicinal marijuana by-products in the form of edibles, tinctures, oils, and topical concentrates. Most importantly Remedy dispenses knowledge that it hopes will undoubtedly trigger positive change in the lives of its patients.

Remedy's 4/20 celebration and storefront expansion can only be attended by holders of medicinal cannabis cards 18 years and over.

Read more in the entire press release.