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RXDco Focuses on Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging Solutions

Aug 31, 2022


Jackson, N.J.--RXDco, the "forward-thinking" premium cannabis packaging company, innovators of unique, child-resistant containers and bags, is aiming to change how consumers think of packaging and fill a trending requirement in the Cannabis Industry with their eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable collections; Atid, PearlLoc, and EcoPro.

[Image via RXDco]

Due to the nature of cannabis, there are stringent laws governing its marketing and packaging. Among the many regulations already in place, two of the newest states to legalize cannabis, New Yorkand New Jersey, have taken things a step further by placing mandatory requirements on utilizing environmentally sustainable packaging. For example, in NY, a cannabis licensee must ensure their packaging is made from at least 25% post-consumer waste. With RXDcos' extensive experience in the industry and unmatched R&D capabilities, the company is poised and ready to fill the new environmental requirements of NY and NJ, with options already available and many others in the pipeline.

Of RXDco's many packaging collections, they are most enthusiastic about their eco-conscious, Atid, PearlLoc, and EcoPro series, as they represent the very best of RXDcos' sustainability initiatives. As Steven Jay, RXDco's CMO, explains, "We are all living on this amazing planet called Earth. It's our home; it provides the oxygen we breathe, the food that sustains us, the medicine that heals us, and the materials that shelter us," Jay said in a news release. "We believe that we must do whatever we can as a company to protect our planet for ourselves and our children for generations to come. That's why we are so proud to offer companies and consumers the option of going green and choosing environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging for their cannabis products."

More info in this press release.