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Solei Premieres Groundbreaking Wellness-Tea Collection with CBD and THC Infusions

May 23, 2023


Toronto, CA--Leading global cannabis company, Tilray Brands Inc., launched Solei's revolutionary wellness-based tea collection, marking the brand's entry into cannabis-infused beverages.

According to a release, Solei's tea collection offers caffeine-free, natural ingredient-based teas with Peach Ginger, Lavender Chamomile, and Mint flavor profiles. These selections incorporate distinctive CBD, CBN, and THC infusions designed to complement self-care routines. Each tea blend offers a micro-dose that can be consumed as desired – hot, cold, sweetened, unsweetened, or even as a foundation for tea-inspired mocktails.

Solei Peach Ginger Green Tea is an exceptional CBD-infused blend featuring sweet peach tones and a zesty ginger punch. Each biodegradable tea bag contains 20 mg of CBD and less than 1mg THC, available in Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, and Ontario in 5 x 3g packs.

Solei's Lavender Chamomile Tea harmoniously merges soothing chamomile, warm lemongrass, and a delicate lavender scent. Each sachet, carrying 20 mg of CBD, 10mg CBN and less than 1mg THC, yields a beautifully light golden brew, available in 5 x 5g packs across select Canadian provinces.

Solei Mint Tea offers a cooling blend of aromatic peppermint and calming spearmint leaves infused with CBD and low-THC. Available in 5 x 3g packs, these sachets provide a refreshing take on infused teas across select regions in Canada.

Learn more in the release on Yahoo! News.