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Springbig Launches ‘20 Days of 4/20’ Campaign to Boost Cannabis Dispensary Customer Loyalty

Mar 30, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • Springbig launches the "20 Days of 4/20" campaign to provide cannabis dispensaries with strategies for customer retention.
  • The campaign aims to transform new and occasional 4/20 buyers into loyal brand ambassadors.
  • It will feature daily insights starting April 1, focusing on building brand hype and enhancing customer engagement.
  • Jeff Harris, CEO of Springbig, emphasizes the campaign's role in continuing brand growth beyond the 4/20 sales spike.
  • Springbig, known for its SaaS-based marketing solutions, introduces this campaign following a year of significant feature launches.

Empowering Dispensaries with Innovative Strategies

Springbig, a SaaS-based marketing solution company for the cannabis industry, announced in a news release its "20 Days of 4/20" campaign.

This initiative is set to provide daily actionable insights and recommendations aimed at helping cannabis dispensaries maximize their business potential during the bustling 4/20 holiday and sustain growth thereafter.

Scheduled to start on April 1, this campaign is designed to assist dispensaries in building their brand's hype on Springbig's social media channels. It empowers dispensary owners, managers, and marketers with strategies to enhance customer retention and foster long-lasting brand loyalty.

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Springbig's Vision for Continued Growth

Jeff Harris, CEO of Springbig, highlighted the campaign's importance, noting that 4/20 is a peak sales period and a golden opportunity for brands to solidify their relationships with new and occasional customers and turn them into dedicated brand advocates.

"Every year, 4/20 is a time of increased enthusiasm and increased sales for cannabis products and businesses," Harris said in the release. "But it doesn't have to be the end of a brand's growth journey in 2024.

"Through this campaign, we aim to provide businesses with the tools and insights they need to foster meaningful connections with their audiences and ensure that new and occasional buyers on 4/20 become loyal brand ambassadors in May and beyond."

A Year of Innovation and Integration

The "20 Days of 4/20" campaign follows a year of significant advancements for Springbig. The company has introduced several new features and services tailored to the cannabis industry, including "The Wallet" gift card service, a subscription loyalty service, and enhanced customer engagement tools like "Campaign Follow-Ups", "Campaign Caddie", and "Advanced Member Offers".

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Springbig has expanded its ecosystem through integrations with major platforms such as Shopify, COMBASE, Alleaves, and Flowhub, marking a significant step forward in its mission to bridge the gap between cannabis consumers and retailers.

About Springbig

Springbig offers a comprehensive suite of customer loyalty and marketing automation solutions. Their platform is designed to enhance consumer-retailer connectivity through SMS marketing while leveraging emails, customer feedback systems, and loyalty programs to boost engagement and retention. Springbig's analytics and reporting tools further allow clients to gain deep insights into customer behavior and market trends, positioning them for better strategic decision-making.

Why We Care

4/20 has been an excellent period for businesses. According to a report in Flowhub, the average revenue per location increased by 8% in 2023 compared to the previous year. This time, it's predicted to be higher, as the day falls on the weekend and more events and celebrations are happening.

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Springbig's campaign leverages these insights, focusing on early planning, data-driven decision-making, and targeted marketing campaigns as key strategies for success.

For instance, the suggestion to bundle related products and use segmentation for targeted marketing underscores the importance of personalized and strategic promotion to drive sales and customer satisfaction.

Understanding the cannabis sales calendar—with significant spikes not just on 4/20 but also during summer, the holidays, and weekends—enables dispensaries to tailor their marketing efforts and inventory management to match consumer demand patterns.

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