Tag harvest bags

TAG Nation Joins Forces with AirGrean to Distribute Advanced TAG Harvest Bags Across the U.S.

Nov 5, 2023


Key Takeaways

  • TAG Nation partners with AirGrean for the nationwide distribution of TAG Harvest Bags.
  • TAG Harvest Bags feature TAG Armor, a proprietary material offering superior protection.
  • The partnership is set to bolster TAG Nation's expansion and AirGrean's value-added services.

Los Angeles, CA--TAG Nation has entered into an exclusive partnership with AirGrean to distribute TAG Harvest Bags across North America.

[Image via Tag Nation LLC]

According to a release, this collaboration is poised to support TAG Nation’s growth ambitions by leveraging AirGrean’s established distribution network.

Setting New Standards

Per the release, TAG Harvest Bags are designed with the innovative TAG Armor material, which is clear, 30% thicker than traditional storage options, and boasts the highest barrier against external elements.

These bags, resistant to punctures and tears, aim to preserve the quality of cannabis harvests with their anti-static properties and FDA-approved, BPA-free composition.

Market Impact and Expansion

The release noted that having debuted at MJ Bizcon in 2022, TAG Harvest Bags have rapidly gained traction in the Southern California wholesale market, with prestigious clients like Maven Genetics and Kush Alley.

The partnership with AirGrean marks a significant step in TAG Nation's plan to extend its market presence and offer value to customers by safeguarding their post-harvest products.

"We are very excited about the partnership between AirGrean and TAG Nation as this aligns with our nationwide growth initiatives in creating a value-added supply chain for our customers to protect their post-harvest valuable assets," said Joe Luc, CRO of AirGrean, in the news release.

What We Think

The strategic alliance between TAG Nation and AirGrean signifies a forward-thinking approach to cannabis storage and transportation.

With a shared vision for nationwide growth and customer value enhancement, this partnership will revolutionize how the industry approaches cannabis preservation, ensuring that quality is maintained from harvest to market.