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Verano Debuts ‘On The Rocks’, a Solventless Extracts Brand across Key Markets

Jul 4, 2023


Chicago, IL--Verano Holdings Corp., a multi-state cannabis company, announced the release of 'On The Rocks,' a small-batch solventless extract line created to reflect the unadulterated essence and flavor of the cannabis plant. The brand appeared in Pennsylvania earlier this month and is now available on Zen Leaf shelves in Illinois. In late 2023, the brand is expected to debut in Arizona, Florida, and New Jersey.

According to a news release, 'On The Rocks' adopts age-old solventless extraction methods, employing fresh-frozen flower and dry-sift techniques to capture cannabinoid- and terpene-rich trichomes.

As per the release, the 'On The Rocks' product suite encompasses the following:

  • Live Rosin Cartridge: Vape cartridges featuring freshly harvested flower

  • Live Rosin Gummies: Strain-specific gummies infused with Live Rosin

  • Live Rosin Badder: Homogenous extract with a balanced distribution of cannabinoids and terpenes.

  • Live Rosin Coin: A coin-shaped extract providing a full-spectrum experience.

  • Light Press Hash: A tribute to the original cannabis concentrate, offering blocks ranging from light sand to sandy green.

  • Full Melt Hash: A high-quality solventless concentrate that fully melts, leaving no residue.

  • Temple Balls: Hand-rolled to protect the terpenes and cannabinoids

The release noted that between 2019-2022, the total U.S. cannabis concentrates category swelled 31% and is projected to grow an additional 11% by 20271. 'On The Rocks' adds to Verano's extensive brand portfolio, which includes Verano™ Reserve, Essence, Swift Lift, MÜV™,Savvy™, BITS™, Encore™, and Avexia™.

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