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Winewood Organics Unveils Exclusive ‘Winewood & Maple’ CBD Product Line

Jul 28, 2023


Ann Arbor, MI--Winewood Organics, a cannabis microbusiness based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has launched its new 'Winewood & Maple' line of Cannabidiol (CBD) products. 

Handcrafted CBD Products from Locally Grown Hemp

According to a news release by the company, Winewood & Maple's product line begins with vegan CBD Gummies, naturally flavored and flavorless CBD Drops. 

The CBD is extracted from Michigan-grown hemp, and the drops are formulated with organic MCT Oil. 

The products have zero to minimal THC levels (0 to .3%), legal across all 50 states, thus assuring consumers of their safety and legality.

Broadening Access with Winewood & Maple

There's more to the Winewood & Maple brand's birth than differentiating THC-containing products from those without. 

While Winewood Organics' products can only be sold at their Ann Arbor Dispensary, the Winewood & Maple CBD product line extends its reach, being available online and at any retail location. 

Founder Eric Parkhurst lamented the exorbitant pricing and lack of accessibility to product makers in local health stores and supermarkets, positioning the Winewood & Maple line as a trusted, local, and affordable option. 

"Most of the CBD found in health stores and supermarkets in Michigan and especially Ann Arbor is offensively overpriced," he said, per the release. "On top of that, consumers have no way to communicate their questions to the actual product makers. 

"We want to provide that local, trusted option."

About Winewood Organics

The setup of Winewood Organics as a cannabis farm, hash lab, and dispensary all rolled into one marking it as Ann Arbor's singular Cannabis Microbusiness. 

Offering a variety of cannabis products from single-source flower, concentrates, and edibles, the company is known for its hand-crafted approach, aspiring to be the place "where the weed is better."