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WYNK Seltzer Marks Entry into the National Restaurant Show

May 16, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • WYNK Seltzer, a zero-calorie cannabis drink, debuted at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago.
  • Available in 14 states, WYNK targets a growing market with its 1:1 THC and CBD blend, tailored for a mild buzz.
  • The brand caters to younger consumers who prefer non-alcoholic alternatives.

Industry Integration

WYNK Seltzer's exhibit at the National Restaurant Show, which runs from May 18 to 21 in Chicago, marks the first entry of a cannabis beverage into this industry event.

Market Expansion

In a news release, Phil McFarland, General Manager of WYNK, stated that the distribution of cannabis beverages in bars and restaurants is expanding as these venues adopt new consumer products.

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WYNK is now served in select establishments across 14 states, including the 2Bears Tavern Group in Chicago and Cask' n Flagon in Boston, with recent entries into Nashville and Austin markets.

"The distribution of low-dose cannabis beverages into the restaurant and bar trade has been steadily expanding as more and more operators want to offer this new category to their customers," said McFarland in the release.

Shifts in Consumer Preferences

Angus Rittenburg, CEO of Wherehouse Beverage Co., mentioned in the release the significant decrease in alcohol consumption among Millennials and Gen Z, paving the way for cannabis beverages like WYNK. The company offers a range of flavors, including:

  • Black Cherry Fizz
  • Lime Twist
  • Juicy Mango
  • Tangerine

These are available in two dosage options, catering to consumer demand for variety and controlled effects.

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"We've seen that with fewer Millennials and GenZ's consuming alcohol, offering them a cannabis drink is a successful way to grow sales and attract new customers to an on-premise beverage program," Rittenburg noted in the release.

Company Overview

Founded in 2020, Wherehouse Beverage Co. develops THC beverages using naturally derived THC from hemp and marijuana. The company focuses on precision dosing for consistent user experiences and is committed to establishing a responsible industry standard.

Why We Care

WYNK seltzer's debut at the National Restaurant Show marks a significant evolution in the cannabis beverage market, now venturing into mainstream consumer spaces. The sector is anticipated to grow dramatically, with forecasts suggesting a market value of USD 117.05 billion by 2032, reflecting a CAGR of 57.5% over the next decade.

This trend highlights a shift in consumer preferences, particularly among Millennials and Gen Z, who increasingly favor non-alcoholic and wellness-oriented alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages.

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WYNK's product formulation—a low-dose, zero-calorie beverage with a balanced THC-to-CBD ratio—is tailored to these evolving consumer preferences. The company's distribution across 14 states and prominent venues enhances its accessibility and visibility, broadening its appeal.

The cannabis beverage sector is also experiencing a wave of innovation and investment, with companies exploring new production methods and market expansions. This aligns with a broader acceptance of cannabis in lifestyle and wellness products, influenced by changing laws and social attitudes.