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brelixi Launches Fast Acting And Flavorless CBD and THC Dissolvable Powders

Feb 3, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • brelixi introduces flavorless, fast-acting powders in CBD and THC formats, focusing on environmental sustainability with refillable packaging.
  • The products use nano-emulsification for increased absorption, providing rapid effects, and are enriched with L-theanine, magnesium, and 5-HTP.
  • Founder Breanna Neff emphasizes the product's versatility for everyday use, offering a reliable and adaptable cannabis experience.
  • Competitive pricing and subscription options are available, with additional products like Yuzu + Turmeric and Elderberry + Hibiscus Lemonade.

Unique Approach to Cannabis Consumption

brelixi announced in a news release that it has released a new line of flavorless and functional fast-acting powders in CBD and THC formats. This product is designed for versatility, allowing integration into various foods and beverages without altering taste. The company's nano-emulsification technology ensures optimized cannabinoid absorption and rapid onset of effects.

Brelixi's powders are designed to offer increased bioavailability and immediate effects. They incorporate adaptogens and nootropics, aiming to provide a health-conscious product. The focus is on delivering a consistent and efficient cannabis experience, meeting the needs of consumers seeking wellness and convenience.

The company has prioritized sustainability in its packaging, using durable, compostable jars with a brushed gold top and a bamboo scoop. brelixi also promotes a refillable subscription model, encouraging cost-effective and environmentally friendly consumption practices.

Diverse Product Options and Pricing

Brelixi provides CBD and THC nano powders, priced at $59.99 and $44.70 per jar, respectively. Subscription options offer additional savings.

The CBD powder aims for relaxation with 20 mg per serving, while the THC powder targets elevation with 5 mg per scoop. Additionally, the company offers other products like Yuzu + Turmeric Lemonade and Elderberry + Hibiscus Lemonade, expanding its presence in the wellness and cannabis market.

Brelixi, led by Founder Breanna Neff, positions itself at the intersection of science and wellness. As a Black Woman and Queer-Founded brand, it emphasizes inclusivity and quality. The company utilizes its unique nano cannabis technology to deliver rapid effects, aiming to stand out in the functional beverage sector.

"I designed our flavorless + functional powders to fill a gap I'd personally experienced in the market," Neff said in the news release.

"There's no other product that provides consumers speed, functionality, and seamless integration into daily rituals," Neff added. "Whether mixed into your morning coffee to soothe caffeine jitters, or infused into cookies for an elevated experience, our powders are designed for multifaceted consumption to ensure confidence and consistency in infused moments."

What We Think

Brelixi's introduction of flavorless, fast-acting functional powders in both CBD and THC formats signifies a transformative leap in cannabis consumption, addressing a niche yet growing market segment focused on versatility, health, and wellness.

The products stand out for their ability to seamlessly integrate into a wide array of foods and beverages, from baked goods to cocktails, without altering the original flavors of the dishes or drinks. This adaptability not only caters to the culinary creativity of consumers but also responds to the increasing demand for personalized wellness products that can fit into various lifestyle choices.

Advanced nano-emulsification technology in these powders enhances cannabinoid absorption, promising a more efficient and faster onset of effects. This feature, coupled with the inclusion of adaptogens and nootropics like L-theanine and 5-HTP, underscores a commitment to product efficacy and positions the brand at the intersection of cannabis and holistic well-being.

Moreover, the company's focus on eco-friendly packaging through reusable, compostable jars with bamboo scoops aligns with a growing consumer preference for sustainable and environmentally conscious products. This strategic move caters to the eco-conscious market and amplifies the brand's commitment to sustainability, potentially attracting a broader customer base that prioritizes green consumption practices.

By combining innovative consumption methods, a focus on health and functionality, and eco-conscious packaging, Brelixi is strategically positioned to cater to a diverse and evolving market, seeking to redefine the cannabis consumption experience

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