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Ispire Technology and Hidden Hills Unveil ‘Hidden Hills & Friends’ Vaping Experience

Feb 3, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • Ispire Technology Inc. collaborates with Hidden Hills to launch the innovative "Hidden Hills & Friends" vaping product.
  • The product integrates Ispire's SWTCH ONE dual-tank system with high-grade oils from Hidden Hills and partners, enhancing the vaping experience.
  • SWTCH ONE features a dual-flavor system with a clear oil window for easy monitoring.
  • The partnership aims to elevate vaping technology and customization options.
  • The product launch is scheduled for February 14, 2024, at the Wynn in Las Vegas.

Hidden Hills & Friends

Ispire Technology Inc. has partnered with Hidden Hills to release "Hidden Hills & Friends." This venture combines Ispire's innovative SWTCH ONE device with premium oils from Hidden Hills and partners such as Plug 'n Play, Packwoods, Big Chief, and LA Traffic.

Michael Wang, Co-CEO of Ispire Technology, emphasized the device's groundbreaking nature, stating in a news release, "Infused with the latest Ispire ONE technology, we believe our all-in-one, SWTCH ONE transcends the typical vaping device – it represents the future."

SWTCH ONE distinguishes itself with a dual 1.5mL oil tank system powered by Ispire's TerpTech heating system for consistent vapor quality. The device's transparent oil windows facilitate convenient monitoring of oil levels.

Ali Turner, Chief of Sales and Partner at Hidden Hills, remarked on the partnership, "We teamed up with Ispire because the SWTCH ONE sets a new standard in dual-flavor technology and pushes the boundaries of what is possible – and we only want the very best for our friends. 

"This collaboration is set to redefine customization by empowering consumers with unparalleled choice through the device's groundbreaking switch mechanism."

"Hidden Hills and Friends" is set to debut on February 14, 2024, at an exclusive event at the Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada, promising a new chapter in vaping technology and consumer experience.

Hidden Hills Club offers a range of quality disposables and edible products, while Ispire Technology Inc. brings its extensive patent portfolio and innovative solutions to the tobacco and cannabis markets.

What We Think

The collaboration between Ispire Technology and Hidden Hills to launch "Hidden Hills & Friends" marks a significant advancement in the cannabis and hemp vaping market. This partnership is set to redefine the user experience in vaping by introducing the SWTCH ONE device, a dual-tank all-in-one vaping device. This device, reflecting Ispire's commitment to versatility and quality in dosing technology, allows users to seamlessly switch between or blend two 1.5mL oil tanks, offering an unprecedented level of customization in flavor and strength​.

The innovative approach of this collaboration doesn't just lie in the technology but also the strategic positioning within the market. The initiative is poised to cater to a discerning consumer base seeking premium vaping experiences by integrating high-quality oils from Hidden Hills and its renowned partners. This move aligns well with the broader industry trend, where technological advancements are rapidly shaping consumer preferences, especially in the wake of concerns about vape-related health issues. Modern vaping technology, by offering long-life batteries, specialized heating technologies, and refined concentrates, is increasingly seen as a safer and more sophisticated alternative to traditional smoking methods​.

The leadership behind this venture, notably Ispire's Co-CEO Michael Wang, with his extensive experience in various leadership roles, underscores the strategic and innovative vision driving this collaboration. Wang's diverse background, ranging from aerospace engineering to finance and business management, coupled with his previous roles in the cannabis industry, positions him uniquely to navigate this dynamic and complex market​.