Cannabition event entrance

CANNABITION: Las Vegas’ New Cannabis-Themed Event Venue

May 9, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • CANNABITION, a new cannabis-themed venue in Las Vegas, is connected to the Planet 13 dispensary and DAZED! Consumption Lounge.
  • The venue, designed by David Korins, showcases interactive features like a 14-foot-tall bong and the Altar of Ganjess.
  • Cannabis consumption is prohibited inside CANNABITION; guests can consume next door at DAZED! Consumption Lounge.
  • The venue provides flexible spaces for various event setups and incorporates advanced audiovisual technology.

Venue Design and Features

Design and Exhibits

Led by David Korins, CANNABITION occupies 12,000 square feet across two stories, with features like a massive bong and thematic installations that promote a cannabis-centric narrative.

Partnerships and Exhibits

Notably, the venue includes a collaboration with Willie Nelson's Willie's Reserve, integrating cannabis culture with music.

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Event Space Utilization

Event Configurations

Per a report, CANNABITION's space is adaptable for various events, supporting everything from full-stage productions to intimate cocktail gatherings.

Audiovisual and Catering Services

Equipped with the latest technology, the venue ensures top-tier production quality. A diverse catering menu matches any event's tone, from casual receptions to formal dinners.

Consumption Policy

CANNABITION promotes cannabis culture but adheres to Nevada's regulations by not allowing on-site consumption. For those interested, the adjacent DAZED! Consumption Lounge offers a compliant space for cannabis use.

Why We Care

The upcoming launch of CANNABITION in Las Vegas marks a significant expansion in the cannabis-themed entertainment sector, fueled by Nevada's legalization of recreational marijuana. Integrated within the Planet 13 Entertainment Complex, this venue aims to blend cannabis culture with innovative retail and experiential offerings.

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CANNABITION will feature interactive exhibits, including a giant bong and collaborations with notable figures like Willie Nelson, targeting both cannabis enthusiasts and tourists. This venture not only diversifies the entertainment options in Las Vegas but also underscores the evolving acceptance and integration of cannabis in mainstream hospitality.

The broader trend in Las Vegas includes high-end culinary experiences like Cultivating Spirits, which offers cannabis pairing dinners, reflecting a shift towards sophisticated, legally compliant cannabis experiences.