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CBD Dog Health Launches Educational Academy to Enhance Holistic Pet Care Nationwide

Jan 3, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • CBD Dog Health Academy Launch: An online educational platform for pet professionals and retailers.
  • Focus on Cannabis and Mushrooms: Training includes effective use of cannabis, mushrooms, and adaptogens for pets.
  • Founder's Experience: Angela Ardolino, a holistic pet expert, shares her expertise nationwide.
  • In-Store and Online Education: Combination of live events and digital resources for comprehensive learning.
  • Support for Retailers: Personalized guidance and training sessions during onboarding.
  • Resources for Pet Parents: Educational blogs, videos, and a podcast available on the brand's website.
  • Background of CBD Dog Health: A leading provider of full spectrum hemp extract CBD products for pets.

CBD Dog Health Academy For Pet Wellness Education

CBD Dog Health announced in a news release the launch of its CBD Dog Health Academy. This new initiative aims to empower pet professionals and local pet retailers by providing comprehensive online training courses.

These courses focus on educating about the benefits and uses of cannabis, mushrooms, and adaptogens for pet health.

Since its founding in 2016 by Angela Ardolino, a holistic pet expert, CBD Dog Health has been working on educating pet lovers and health professionals.

Ardolino and Carter Easler, Director of Education, have been actively sharing knowledge through prestigious events such as Dr. Judy Morgan's Naturally Healthy Pets Experience tour and in-store educational events.

Personalized Support for Retailers

CBD Dog Health extends its educational outreach to retailers and veterinary offices, offering one-on-one training sessions. These sessions ensure that professionals are well-equipped to address customer inquiries regarding hemp and medicinal mushroom products for pets.

Alongside live educational events, the brand offers many digital resources, including educational blogs, videos, and Ardolino's podcast, "Your Natural Dog." These resources are designed to provide pet parents with extensive information on pet health care.

What We Think

Launching the CBD Dog Health Academy is a commendable step towards bridging the knowledge gap in holistic pet care.

By educating pet professionals and retailers, CBD Dog Health enhances the industry's expertise and ensures pet parents receive well-informed advice and products for their furry companions.

Angela Ardolino’s extensive experience and commitment to holistic pet wellness, well-structured training program, and comprehensive digital resources position CBD Dog Health as a leader in pet health education.

This initiative reflects a growing trend towards natural remedies in pet care, highlighting the importance of informed choices for pet wellness. The combination of personalized training for retailers and accessible online resources for pet parents makes this a holistic and forward-thinking approach to pet health education.

[Image via CBD Dog Health]