Select Stiq by Curaleaf

Curaleaf’s Select Brand Enhances Product Line with Introduction of Select Stiq

Feb 8, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. has introduced Select Stiq, a new addition to its Select brand, featuring a 1g all-in-one cannabis oil vape pen.
  • Select Stiq is designed for ease of use, with a compact size, auto-draw feature, and a rechargeable USB-C port, emphasizing flavor preservation.
  • The product launch follows the success of Select Briq, addressing consumer demand for a simple, ready-to-go vape pen.
  • Select Stiq will first be available in Arizona, with plans to expand to Nevada and Utah later in the spring.
  • The launch is part of Select's brand activation at Curaleaf Scottsdale during the WM Phoenix Open, offering attendees swag, entertainment, and chances to win prizes.

Expanding the Horizon of Cannabis Consumption

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. has debuted the Select Stiq, a 1g all-in-one cannabis oil vape pen under its Select brand. This new product aims to redefine convenience in cannabis consumption, featuring a sleek, pocket-sized design that combines ease of use with high-quality cannabis oil.

Select Stiq is specifically engineered to work with Select Essentials oil, renowned for its potency, flavors, and consistent THC levels. The oils are infused with naturally derived terpenes that replicate the essence of classic cannabis strains, ensuring an authentic experience for users.

A Response to Consumer Needs

Matt Darin, CEO of Curaleaf, emphasized in a news release that the introduction of Select Stiq is a direct response to consumer feedback. Following the success of Select Briq, the company identified a market demand for a straightforward, ready-to-use vape pen.

Select Stiq is designed to cater to this need, offering a user-friendly device that does not require any button operations for activation. This launch aligns with the trend towards all-in-one vape pens, appealing to a broad spectrum of consumers, from casual adult-use tourists to regular local patrons seeking convenience and accessibility.

"Fresh on the heels of our successful Select Briq launch, the new Select Stiq lets consumers explore their favorite strains with one simple, ready-to-go product. We heard directly from customers that a 1g all-in-one vape pen was a market need, and we're happy to deliver," said Darin in the news release. "This accessible format provides an effortless inhale thanks to its user-friendly hardware with no buttons required."

"Data shows that consumer interest in all-in-one vape pens is directly impacting the rise in vape popularity for anyone ranging from adult-use tourists to local customers who want an option that is quick and easy-to-access," the CEO added. "Select strives to offer a variety of products for every customer and patient, and we are proud to introduce Stiq into our portfolio."

Launch and Brand Activation

Select Stiq's initial launch will take place in Arizona, with subsequent availability planned for Nevada and Utah.

The introduction of Select Stiq coincides with Select's brand activation event at Curaleaf Scottsdale, adjacent to The WM Phoenix Open.

The event promises a festive atmosphere with giveaways, entertainment, and exclusive opportunities for attendees, reinforcing the brand's commitment to engaging with its community and enhancing consumer experiences.

What We Think

Curaleaf's introduction of the Select Stiq vape pen under its Select brand is a strategic expansion aimed at capturing a larger share of the cannabis market. This move not only diversifies Curaleaf's product offerings but also directly responds to consumer demands for convenient, user-friendly cannabis consumption methods.

The Select Stiq, a 1g all-in-one cannabis oil vape, stands out for its sleek, compact design, auto-draw feature, and rechargeable USB-C port, all of which are designed to enhance the user experience by preserving flavor and ensuring consistent THC levels through the use of high-potency oils and naturally derived terpenes​​​​​.

Launching initially in Arizona, followed by Nevada and Utah, the Select Stiq's market rollout is accompanied by brand activation events, such as the golf-themed Vendor Village at Curaleaf Scottsdale, to engage directly with consumers and create a buzz around the new product​​​​.

This marketing strategy is not just about promoting a single product but also about reinforcing the Select brand's position in the market as a provider of diverse, quality cannabis products tailored to meet varying consumer preferences and needs.

The timing of Select Stiq's launch, following the success of the Select Briq, indicates Curaleaf's commitment to innovation and its focus on staying ahead in the competitive cannabis industry. By listening to customer feedback and analyzing market trends, Curaleaf demonstrates a proactive approach to product development that likely contributes to its growth and market leadership.

[Image by Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. via PR Newswire]