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Mary Jones Cannabis Sodas & Edibles Expanding Into Canada

Feb 7, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • Jones Soda Co.'s cannabis brand Mary Jones is set to launch in Ontario, Canada, with its THC-infused sodas, marking its first international expansion.
  • The launch will feature popular flavors adapted for cannabis and Canadian regulations, with plans to expand into other cannabis categories and provinces.
  • Mary Jones has partnered with Tilray Brands for manufacturing and distribution in Canada, and Green Hedge for sales and field marketing.
  • The brand has seen significant success in the U.S., being a top seller in California and winning accolades at the 2023 High Spirits Awards.
  • The expansion into Canada is driven by the growing market for cannabis products and the increasing consumer shift from alcohol to cannabis beverages.

Mary Jones Enters Canadian Market

Jones Soda Co., known for its craft sodas with unique flavors and user-submitted photo labels, announced the expansion of its cannabis brand, Mary Jones, into the Canadian market, starting with Ontario.

This move comes after the brand's rapid success in the United States, leveraging the increasing interest in cannabis-infused beverages.

Per a news release, the launch in Ontario is set for Q1 2024, introducing 10MG THC-infused sodas in iconic Jones flavors adapted to meet Canadian cannabis packaging and naming requirements.

This strategic expansion partners with Tilray Brands for manufacturing and distribution, indicating a solid foundation for Mary Jones in the Canadian cannabis landscape.

A Partnership for Growth

The collaboration with Tilray Brands, a leading figure in the global cannabis market, and the sales and marketing support from Green Hedge, a top firm in Canada, underscore the strategic efforts behind Mary Jones' entry into Canada. This partnership is not just about bringing a new product to the market; it's about introducing a new cannabis consumption experience to Canadian consumers.

David Knight, CEO of Jones Soda, highlighted the natural synergy between the brand, Canada, and Tilray, given Jones' original roots in Vancouver, BC. The Canadian recreational cannabis market's growth further solidifies the timing and potential for Mary Jones' expansion.

"Jones was originally founded in Vancouver, BC. Canada and Tilray are a natural fit for our first international expansion for Mary Jones following the incredible success we've had in our U.S. markets," Knight said in the news release. "Canada's recreational cannabis sales increased $466.1M CAD in July, up 1.9 % from June this year. We're looking forward to bringing Mary Jones to Canada's THC retailers and consumers."

Market Reception and Future Plans

Mary Jones' entry into Canada is highly anticipated, with the brand already being a dominant player in the U.S. cannabis beverage market. Its success in California, where it ranks as the top seller in its category, and accolades from the High Spirits Awards reflect the brand's quality and consumer appeal.

The plans for Mary Jones in Canada include not just expanding the availability of its THC sodas across more provinces but also exploring other cannabis categories. This indicates a broader vision for integrating cannabis into various consumer preferences and occasions.

What We Think

Jones Soda Co.'s expansion of its cannabis brand, Mary Jones, into Canada leverages the growing cannabis beverage market in North America, predicted to maintain its dominance due to increasing investments and liberalized marijuana laws.

The move taps into Canada's rising recreational cannabis sales, with Ontario presenting a significant market opportunity as a leading region in cannabis beverage sales.

The partnership with Tilray Brands for manufacturing and distribution positions Mary Jones advantageously in a competitive landscape characterized by a diverse range of products, from teas to sodas, targeting recreational and medicinal applications.

This expansion aligns with the broader trend of companies entering the cannabis beverage space, driven by consumer interest in alternative consumption methods and wellness drinks.