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Green Monké and Cookies Unveil 100mg THC-Infused Iced Tea in California

Mar 16, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • Green Monké and Cookies launched a new 100mg THC-infused Original California Iced Tea Lemonade in California.
  • This product marks the beginning of Cookies' line of higher-dosed cannabis beverages featuring fast-acting, heavy-hitting effects.
  • Priced at $9.99, the drink combines bold iced tea with refreshing lemonade, using all-natural ingredients.
  • Following California, plans are underway to introduce these high-dosage beverages to Michigan and Illinois.
  • Both companies aim to meet consumer demand for higher-potency cannabis products while ensuring quality and innovation.


Green Monké, celebrated for its cannabis-infused drinks in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., has partnered with Cookies to launch a pioneering THC-infused beverage in California.

The Original California Iced Tea Lemonade will contain 100mg of THC per 12-ounce can, combining the best of iced tea and lemonade in various flavors.

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The Shift Towards Higher-Dose Cannabis Beverages

The introduction of this product signifies a notable shift towards higher-dose cannabis beverages, catering to a growing segment of the market looking for potent, enjoyable cannabis experiences.

Unlike typical cannabis drinks, this iced tea lemonade is not carbonated, making it exceptionally "chuggable" and ensuring a swift onset of its effects.

Expanding Portfolio to Meet Consumer Preferences

In a news release, Green Monké's CEO, Pat Gleeson, emphasized the importance of responding to consumer preferences and the rapid growth of the 100mg beverage category in California.

"The consumer is our number one priority. If we're not listening to what they want and striving to achieve that, then we're not doing our jobs," Gleeson said in the news release.

"The 100mg beverage category is the fastest growing category of beverages in California, and we will be bringing these drinks to consumers across the country this summer, with Michigan and Illinois next on the launch schedule," Gleeson added.

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The company, initially known for its low-dose, fruit-flavored cannabis sodas, is expanding its portfolio to include these higher-dosage options, recognizing the evolving needs of cannabis connoisseurs.

Collaboration for Innovation

Cookies, with its experience creating sought-after cannabis cultivars and products, brings its expertise to this collaboration. The design and concept of the Original California Iced Teas were inspired by childhood flavors and created under the guidance of Berner, Cookies' co-founder.

Why We Care

The cannabis market in California remains a leading market in innovation and product diversity despite a slight contraction with a 7.6% year-over-year decrease in sales as of February 2024. This trend is mirrored globally, with the cannabis industry expected to grow significantly, buoyed by new product offerings, technological advancements, and increased legalization.

Cannabis beverages, in particular, have shown promising growth, especially in California, where the number of distinct cannabis beverage products nearly doubled in 2021.

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This move by Green Monké and Cookies capitalizes on the fastest-growing segment within the California beverage category. It aligns with consumer preferences, shifting towards personalized cannabis experiences and wellness-oriented products.

Introducing high-dose, fast-acting, and non-carbonated beverages like the Original California Iced Tea Lemonade caters to a niche yet rapidly expanding market segment, setting a precedent for innovation and quality in the cannabis beverage space.

The competitiveness of cannabis beverages in the U.S. shows a diverse range of product offerings, with segments like carbonated beverages, drops, mixes, elixirs, syrups, and non-carbonated options like iced teas and lemonades making significant contributions to the category's growth. This diversity shows the importance of strategic partnerships and product differentiation in capturing consumer interest and fostering brand loyalty in a crowded market.