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High Tide Inc. Expands With Acquisition of Queen of Bud and New Canna Cabana Store in Toronto

Mar 16, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • High Tide Inc. acquires the Queen of Bud brand, adding a premium cannabis line with a solid customer base in Canada, especially among women, to its portfolio.
  • Ashley Newman, Queen of Bud founder, joins High Tide as a global brand ambassador, aiming to expand the brand's reach and develop new product categories.
  • The new Canna Cabana store at Yonge and Wellesley in Toronto is strategically located to serve a dense population of locals and tourists, particularly during Pride week.
  • High Tide's retail network strengthens, with this being its 165th Canna Cabana location in Canada, enhancing its presence in the competitive Toronto market.

Expanding Brand Portfolio with Queen of Bud Acquisition

High Tide Inc. has announced in a news release the acquisition of Queen of Bud, a premium Canadian cannabis brand known for its selective product portfolio and widespread brand loyalty across Canada.

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This acquisition is part of High Tide's strategy to enhance its international brand portfolio and deepen its market penetration. Ashley Newman, the founder of Queen of Bud, will serve as the global brand ambassador, contributing to the brand's creative and strategic direction.

The Queen of Bud brand is celebrated for its elegance, uniqueness, and spiritual focus, qualities that have cultivated a strong and loyal customer base, particularly among female consumers in Canada.

This acquisition is expected to leverage High Tide's existing infrastructure and market reach to elevate the Queen of Bud brand to new heights, both in Canada and internationally.

Strategic Retail Expansion in Toronto

To broaden its retail footprint, High Tide opened a new Canna Cabana location at the corner of Yonge Street and Wellesley Avenue in Toronto.

This location is expected to attract significant foot traffic due to its proximity to high-density residential areas, a busy subway station, and Toronto's gay village, especially during the bustling Pride week.

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The new store marks the 165th Canna Cabana location in Canada and strengthens High Tide's presence in Ontario's competitive cannabis market.

In a news release, Raj Grover, Founder and CEO of High Tide, emphasized the strategic importance of this expansion, highlighting the store's accessibility and potential to attract residents and tourists in one of North America's most populous cities.

Why We Care

High Tide's ambitious expansion, through acquisitions like Queen of Bud and extending its retail footprint, underscores the dynamism within the cannabis sector, particularly in Canada.

This move is about growing its brand portfolio and tapping into the premium segment of the cannabis market, where Queen of Bud has established a notable presence. The decision to bring Queen of Bud's founder, Ashley Newman, on board as a global brand ambassador suggests a commitment to maintaining the brand's unique identity and ethos, which could help retain its established customer base and attract new ones.

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The new Canna Cabana store's strategic location in Toronto, a city known for its high population density and significant foot traffic, especially during events like Toronto's Pride week, highlights High Tide's tactical approach to retail expansion. This placement will likely enhance the brand's visibility and accessibility, potentially increasing its market share in the recreational cannabis space​.

The cannabis industry, while promising, is fraught with regulatory complexities and competitive pressures. High Tide's approach, focusing on strategic acquisitions and thoughtful expansion, reflects an adaptive strategy that might serve as a model for success in this sector. Their moves signify growth and deeper penetration into the market segments that promise higher margins and brand loyalty, particularly among niche customer groups.