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NBA Legend Udonis Haslem Launches ‘FORTY OG’ Cannabis Strain with The Flowery

Apr 20, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • Udonis Haslem collaborates with The Flowery to launch the new cannabis strain, FORTY OG, in celebration of 4/20.
  • Exclusive merchandise and a VIP event in Wynwood feature designs by local artist Disem.
  • Haslem's motto, "Keep Applying Pressure," influences product development and company culture at The Flowery.

A New Collaboration

The partnership between Udonis Haslem, affectionately known as UD or Mister 305, and The Flowery marks a significant milestone in the industry. The collaboration is set to enrich the 4/20 celebrations with the launch of the FORTY OG strain and themed merchandise.

Merchandise and Celebrations

The launch event will feature limited-edition merchandise such as basketballs, jerseys, t-shirts, and hats designed by renowned local street artist Disem.

These items will be available both online and in-store across Florida. A VIP party in Wynwood will provide an exclusive gathering for friends, family, and key influencers in the cannabis community.

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Personal Connection and Advocacy

Per a news release, Udonis Haslem's deep involvement with The Flowery stems from a personal connection and shared values. His role goes beyond traditional business partnerships. He actively engages in the company's operations and embodies the hard work ethic at the core of The Flowery's ethos. His influence within the company motivates the team and reinforces their commitment to quality and perseverance.

A Strain with Local Legacy

FORTY OG is described as a robust and "offensive" strain, developed over 14 months with Haslem's close involvement. It honors his status as an OG in both the basketball and local communities, reflecting his preference for potent, high-quality cannabis and embodying the classic OG characteristics admired by enthusiasts.

Community Impact

Haslem's contributions through this partnership extend beyond the cannabis industry, impacting the local community and culture. His legacy in Florida, combined with his advocacy for high-quality cannabis, reinforces his influence and commitment to the area's development.

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Why We Care

The launch of Udonis Haslem's 'FORTY OG' cannabis strain with The Flowery is significant not only due to its celebrity backing but also because it taps into Florida's rapidly expanding cannabis market. This market, already topping $2 billion in sales with over 871,000 registered medical patients, is set to transition to include recreational use, which could substantially increase these figures.

Florida's cannabis market dynamics illustrate a highly concentrated industry, with top operators like Trulieve dominating significant market shares in flower and concentrate sales. The expected legalization of adult-use cannabis could replicate growth patterns seen in other states, potentially multiplying current sales figures and creating a new landscape for consumer engagement and competition.

Moreover, the preferences of Florida's cannabis consumers—who are increasingly choosing products like gummies and flowers—indicate a market ripe for innovative product offerings that cater to both seasoned consumers and newcomers. This is particularly relevant for celebrity-endorsed products like 'FORTY OG,' which can leverage Haslem's brand and The Flowery's market expertise to capture a diverse consumer base.

[Image via The Flowery]