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Trilogene Seeds Launches Triploid Cannabis Seed Line for Improved Cultivation

Apr 20, 2024


Key Takeaways

  • Trilogene Seeds has released a new triploid THCa cannabis seed line, which offers multiple advantages, including reduced seed production and seedless flowers, potentially higher yields, and improved flower morphology.
  • Triploid plants, having an extra set of chromosomes, are sterile, which prevents cross-pollination and maintains consistent cannabinoid levels across crops.
  • Unlike common misconceptions, triploid cannabis seeds are not genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Advancements in Cannabis Genetics

Trilogene Seeds announced in a news release that it has introduced its triploid cannabis seeds. These seeds are designed to produce plants that are sterile and focus their energy on developing beneficial traits such as higher trichome density and improved flower structure, which are crucial for oil extraction.

Triploid genetics, previously successful in crops like seedless watermelons, involves plants with three sets of chromosomes. Per the release, this condition prevents the plants from producing seeds and enhances their overall growth and metabolite production.

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The sterility of these plants eliminates risks of cross-pollination, thereby ensuring the consistency and quality of the cannabis produced.

Scientific Integrity and Industry Impact

Matthew Haddad, CEO and Founder of Trilogene Seeds, emphasized in the release their commitment to integrity and scientific rigor. According to Haddad, the development of the triploid seed line is backed by thorough research and aims at advancing cannabis cultivation technologically while ensuring ethical responsibility.

The release notes that studies support the company's efforts, showing that triploid organisms generally exhibit superior growth and secondary metabolite production qualities. These findings highlight the potential of triploid cannabis to enhance both commercial and research applications in the industry significantly.

Ongoing Research and Development

Trilogene's dedication to innovation is also evident in its ongoing genomic research, which focuses on identifying and targeting specific genes to speed up breeding processes.

This research is critical for developing new strains that meet the evolving needs of cannabis growers and consumers.

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Why We Care

The debut of Trilogene Seeds' triploid cannabis line represents a significant stride in cannabis cultivation, blending advanced genetics and sustainability.

Triploid seeds, known for their sterility and three sets of chromosomes, channel energy towards producing larger, cannabinoid- and terpene-rich flowers instead of seeds. This not only enhances the quality and consistency of the yield but also aligns with environmental goals by requiring fewer resources such as water and nutrients.

Specifically, triploid cannabis offers a 3-5% increase in THC levels and a 10-20% rise in flower yields over traditional diploid varieties. These seeds also contribute to a 10-15% boost in fresh frozen live rosin yields and reduce the flowering time by 5-10 days, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the risk of crop losses due to pollination.